Root hair to xylem

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  • Root hair to Xylem
    • After being taken up by root hair cells it travels across the cortex
      • Water potential inside the xylem vessels is lower than root hair cells, therefore moves passively down the gradient to the xylem through the cortex
        • Route 1`
          • Apoplast pathway
            • water soaks into the cell walls
              • travels across from cell wall to cell wall
                • Doesn't enter cell
        • Root 2
          • Symplast pathway
            • enters the cell
              • moves from cell to cell by osmosis
              • or through strands of cytoplasm that make direct connections with adjacent cells
                • These are called plasmodesmata
      • Cortex is surrounded by cell walls of many layers of cellulose fibres.
  • Water reaches the STEELE
    • Blocks the apoplast pathway
      • As the outer layer endodermis contain a thick, waxy substance called suberin
  • This band of suberin is called the Casparian *****.
    • forming an impenetrable barrier to water in the walls on endodermis.
      • The only way to travel through is via the cytoplasm of the cells.


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