Roosevelts Foreign Policy

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  • Roosevelts Foreign Policy
    • The Panama Canal (opened in 1914)
      • Political
        • Imperialism
        • Raise Americas power & position
          • Power in the presidential office
        • Enhance American navy to enable them to become an Empire
      • Social
        • Manifest Destiny
        • Civilise the world and stop the barbaric
      • Economic
        • Needed new markets after Depression
        • Easier trade (less journey time etc)
        • help defend Cuba, Phillipines, Guam and Puerto Rico (trade spots!!!)
      • Hay-Paunceforte Treaty 1901 gave Americans exclusive control for $40 million and 99 years
      • Columbians delayed so the Americans helped organise a Panamaniam revolution against Colombian control
        • Methods caused dismay & distrust
        • Encouraged trouble for its own means
      • Americans recognised the rebel Governemtn and negoiated for control of the *****
        • Granted control of the canal zone forever at $10 million and $1//4 million rent per year
    • The Roosevelt Corollary "an amendement to the Monroe Doctrine"
      • An attempt by the Europeans to establish themselves in Latin America would violate the Doctrine
      • to preserve order, the USA had the right to intervene in other countries affairs in case of wrongdoing
        • Justified their domination of Dominican Republic finances in 1905
        • Justified military intervention in Haiti and Nicaragua
      • wanted to establish that the Western Hempishere was it's sphere of influence
        • Crucial to maintain stablity in Latin America
    • Japan
      • Had alot of power in the Pacific
        • America had alot of land here
      • The victory of the Japan in the Russo-Japanese war shifted the balance of power i the Far East into their favour
      • In spite of Roosevelt being a peace negiotater, relations worsened
        • America feared their power
        • Japanese resented racism in America, e.g schools in San Francisco proposed segregation
        • Foundations for Pearl Harbour being laid
      • The Great White Fleet
        • Showed off American naval power
        • Received a friendly welcopme in Japan
        • Peaceful police force of the world
        • Root-Takahira Agreement established the Pacific & Far East status quo
          • prevented breakdownn but future was ominious


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