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  • Romeo & Juliet Themes -religion-
    • Context- the church had a big influence in the 16th century, if you didn't go to church on sunday you had to pay a fine.
    • No one could get married except in church. couples couldn't live or sleep together until married- divorce was almost impossible.
    • In some ways religion was more powerful than law. Religion provided an accepted set of rules for people to live by.
    • For romeo and Juliet marriage is the only way that they can be together
    • once Juliets married to romeo the audience knows that she cant marry paris if she did she would be braeaking the law of the church and go to hee.
    • Despite what the couple do to avoid sinning romeo and Juliet both commit suicide- and suicide was a sin.
    • The Friar represents the role of the church in Verona.
    • The characters' respect for the church is shown through their relationship with the Friar.
    • The only time capulet allows Juliet out alone is when she is going to "make confession" at the friar's.
    • romeo and Juliet respect the friars advice more than anyone else's- they are rebellious enough to defy their parents but ususally follow all of the friar's
    • "saint" - romeo(1:5) claims he is a pilgrim who wants to worship Juliet.
    • "holy shrine" Romeo (1:5)
    • "can heaven be so envious?" Juliet blames god for romeos death- wonders if heavens are jelous of their love and that why he was taken.
    • "which is the God of my idolatry" Juliet- claims there is no other way to explain their love other than to worshipping a god.


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