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  • Romeo & Juliet Themes - LOVE -
    • Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight- this is supposed to be true love and not just teenage hormones.
      • However Juliet is only thirteen so despite the idea that what romeo and Juliet has this can also be seen as headstrong, passionate, unwise & unrealistic.
    • Shakespeare deliberately made Juliet young which could suggest that her actions are immature and reckless or it could emphasise her bravery.
    • You could argue that their love is destructive as they put eachothers lives in danger if they hadn't of treated love as the only thing woth living for they wouldn't have died.
    • Romeos love for Rosaline contrasts with his love for Juliet, as their love is shown as courtly love
      • COURTLY LOVE- a way of wooing a lady in medival times by writing poetry and songs about the perfection of his beloved.
        • humerous references to physical desire in the play contrast to R&J's emotional commitment
          • R&J's relationship is presented as more convincing as there sex also involved.
    • "leap to these arms" - Juliet(sex)
    • "Did my heart love till now? foreswear it sight for I ne'er saw true beauty till this night"- Romeo(act 1 scene 5- rhyming cuplet)
    • "my only love sprung from my only hate" - Juliet(act 1 scene 5)
      • Juliet describes their love as "boudless" & "infinite"


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