romeo and juliet conflict essay plan

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  • conflict
    • A1S1
      • Sampson - 'a dog of the house of Montague moves me'
        • this shows that conflict can be started by a montague alone - it does not take much for conflict to arise. the word dog also shows the disrespect that the families have aganst each other, likening one another to anmals.
          • the fact that the play opens with the servants fighting shows that not only are the family affected bby the feud, the less significant members of the households are also involved in this conflict.
      • Tybalt - 'peace? I hate the word, as I hate hell, all montagues and thee'
        • this quote shows that conflict is not an issue for Tybalt, he enjoys it. this also shows Tybalt's need for violence. This also is the first time we see Tybalt, who is the physical representation of conflict throughout the play.
    • A1S5
      • Tybalt - 'this, by his voice, should be a montague. fetch me my rapier, boy'
        • Tybalt's quick reaction here shows that conflict, fo him, is impulsive; he does not have to think twice about it. the way he assertively tells the servant to go and get his sword also shows that he is in complete control.
      • Juliet - 'that I must love a loathed enemy'
        • this shows Juliet's self-conflict. the use of the work must implies that she feels she has no choice. this presents a conflict for Juliet as she cannot change what she is feeling.
    • A3S1
      • Benvolio - 'the day is hot'
        • here Shakespeare uses pathetic fallacy to show that later on  in the day, conflict will arise. the use of the word 'hot' not only refers to the weather, but also to the atmosphere and tension between families.
      • Mercutio - 'O calm, dishonourable vile submission'
        • this shows that even a good friend of Romeo thinks that it is the best idea to take part in conflict, and not doing so would be dishonourable. this also shows that honour is more important than holding back from conflict.
    • A3S5
      • Capulet - 'hang, beg, starve, die in the streets!'
        • the conflict between parent and child is evident here. by using animalistic imagery, Capulet is showing his disrespect for Juliet.
    • A5S3
      • Paris - 'obey and go with me, for thou must die'
        • The use of the word 'must' here shows that there is no choice in Romeo's death. even after the death of both of their love interest, conflict is still present.
    • prologue
      • 'from ancient grudge break to new mutiny'
        • the use of the work 'ancient' exaggerates how old this feud has continued. this shows that the conflict is no longer a real argument, but just a 'grudge'
      • 'death mark'd love'
        • the fact that the love is described as 'death mark'd' implies that there was no way of getting out of this conflict, and that the death caused by the conflict was inevitable.


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