Romeo and Juliet 

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  • Romeo and Juliet
    • Romeo
      • romeo was known to be passionate, a patrarchan lover, changeable and young
        • He was also born into the montague family (less wealthy)
          • Romeo thought that getting married to Juliet would be a religious experience
            • In the elizabethan times. you had to marry someone in your family.
            • they both got married at a very young age
              • they also both agreed to marry not jusr for love but that it would also solve the family feude.
        • Romeo didnt like fighting although hr killed tybalt in act 3 scene 1
          • Although he killed tybalt before the fight scene, romeo was trying to prevent both famlies in the fight.
    • Juliet
      • Juliet was known to be witty, intelligent, determined and vunreable
        • Juliet was born into the capulet house hold (very wealthy)
          • both famileies made a mockery out of eachother
          • she did not get along with her parets. especially her father
        • as her parents would not let her leave the house
          • she had no outside skills or rules as she was only aloud round the houses grounds.
      • when Juiet found out that romeo killed tybalt, she was regretting her love for Romeo.
    • context
      • years ago two familes had a feud which split them apart.and years on they still hold a grudge towards eachother  although they dont remember what its acually about
        • this feuded lead to many fights and deaths including R&Js whih ultimatley lead to the two familis making up.
    • themes
      • power of love: Love makes Romeo and juliet disobey their families and it even keads to death just to prove how strong their love is for eachother
        • fate: at the beginning it states that R&J are 'star-crosses lovers'. when romeo dies, Juliet calls out "then i defy you, stars" completing the idea that the love between R&J is in the opposition to the decrees of destiny.
          • violence:due to the ongoing feude between the families,it also links into the theme of love in the way that the feude casts a shadow over the relationship of R&J
            • youth:the relatinship that is shown is of two very young people. it also shows us that a lot of the young men are immature.and the fact that juliets mother wants her to have a baby at the age of 14.


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