Snaith// Romeo and Juliet (Romeo)

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  • Romeo
    • The son of Lord and Lady Montague
    • He is handsome, intelligent and sensitive
    • There is a violent family feud between the Montagues and Capulets
    • He is interested in the idea of love.
      • In the begining he is "in love" with a woman called Roasline.
        • He is persuaded to intrude upon the Capulets annual party, because Benvolio and Mercutio think that he is love sick for Rosaline and that a party will cheer him up.
          • Upon entering the Capulets party Romeo sets eyes upon a beautiful young girl.
            • He doesnt know that she is a Capulet. But when he leaves he realises that it is in actual fact lord capulets only child Juliet Capulet.
              • During the party he talks to her. without either of them knowing the others name.
                • Romeo is about to leave when he runs back over the orchard wall to go and see Juliet.
                  • Him and Juliet talk for a while with her on the balcony and him on the ground.
                    • As time passes Romeo decides that he wants to marry Juliet. So he goes to see Friar Lawrence, and asks him to marry them.
                      • Friar Lawrence is shocked because he thought that Romeo was still head over heels for Rosaline.But he agrees anyway.
                        • Only the Nurse and Friar Lawrence know about the Marriage.
                          • He ends Up murdering Juliets cousin Tybalt. Which he gets banished for.
                            • He says hed rather die than live without Juliet.
                              • Rome is told that Juliet is dead, so he rushes back to Verona and drinks poison next to her, and when Juliet wakes from her sleep from the potion he is dead next to her.


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