Romeo Mindmap

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  • Romeo
    • Personality
      • Passionate
        • When Romeo falls for a character, it is all he talks about e.g Rosaline at the start of the play
        • On his first encounter with Juliet, Romeo declares he will marry her
      • Headstrong
        • Romeo is determined to avenge Mercutio (by killing Tybalt)
        • Romeo convinces himself that the poison will only do him good
      • Changeable
        • Romeo is obsessed with Rosaline, them he moves on to a new lover quickly
          • Naïve
      • Naïve
      • Peaceful
    • Quotations
      • "Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health " Act 3
        • Juxtaposition establishes Romeos conlflicted emtions and mind state
        • Confusion felt by Romeo (about emotions) felt by audience with opposite ideas
      • "O, I am fortune's fool!" Act 3
        • After killing Tybalt he realises he has behaved wrongly
        • Fortune = irony, misfortune would be more apt
        • Reveals Romeo only sees reason too late
      • "Immortal Blessing" Act 3
        • Ironic- both characters end up dead
        • Suicide is a sin in the eyes of Christianity-> characters to go to hell
        • Romeo is wrong in both cases emphasises how naïve he is
      • "thus with a kiss, I die" Act 5
        • This draws the audience in as they know the truth and Romeo doesn't
        • Shakespeare is clarifying that love is destructive
    • Ideas
      • Context
        • young marriage wasn't unheard of
      • Shakespear uses Romeo to reinforce the difference between LOVE and INFATUATION




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