Romantic Music

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  • Romantic Music
    • Music was used to portray feelings
    • Composers became interested in upernatural ideas
    • Composers base their music on poems and paintings
    • Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Chopin were romantic composers
    • Wide range of dynamics and sudden changes in dynamics
    • Included more performance directions
    • Change of speeds, rubato commonly used
    • Often added extra notes to chords to add dissonance
    • A lot of very technically difficult music
    • Many Composers used themes from their national folk songs or dances
    • The orchestra got much bigger, Brass insruments could play more notes
    • The piano got bigger and had a bigger dynamic range, it had more keys, the pedals became more effective,hammers were given a felt covering to give a softer town, the strings were thicker and longer giving a fuller tone
    • The melody was th emost important part and was often accompanied by broken chords
    • Preludes became popular
    • A lied is for a solo singer and piano, they were poular in Europe and were often based on German poems, they usually tell a story, some are through composed and they often have motifs


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