Romans-Crime and punishment

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  • Romans
    • Trials
      • anyone can bring other people to court
      • magistrates were introduced
      • people had to provided resources themselves
    • Crimes/Laws
      • the most common one was petty theft
      • had the laws in the form of the 12 tablets
        • Justinian's digest of Roman Law
    • Punishment
      • death(to deter)
      • fines
      • patriarchal society(women had harsher punishments)
      • nobles were able to take an exile instead of dying
      • Christians were crucified for their crimes
        • apparently they challenged the authorities for having only one God
    • Policing
      • no police force
      • patrols
        • vigils
          • stops riots
        • army
          • controlled the fires
        • would not react to any crimes
      • victims had to deal with the crimes


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