Romania Pro-natalist Policy

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  • Romania Pro-Natalist Policy
    • Social
      • Only 28 divorces were permitted in 1967
      • Contraception was not legally available
      • Legal abortions dropped by 50%
        • Police were at hospitals ensuring no abortions happened
      • Abortion on demand was abolished in 1966
      • The legal age for marriage was lowered to 15 (1984)
    • Economic
      • People over the age of 25 who remained childless had to pay 20% extra tax
      • Family allowances were increased for each successive child
        • Mothers were given money when they had their third child and more
      • Income tax was reduced by 30% for families with three of more children
    • Did it work?
      • 1966-1967 births DOUBLED by 250,000
        • From 1/4 million to 1/2 million
      • By 1985 birth rate had gone up to 16 per 1000
        • little different to neighboring countries that didn't have these rules
      • No
        • Because they have good health care and low infant mortality so no need for big families
        • Even with the tax advantages children were a financial burden


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