Roman Goddesses

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  • Roman Goddesses
    • Juno (Queen)
      • Peacock
      • Marriage & childbirth.
      • Matronalia held by women to celebrate motherhood.
      • She was Juno Moneta (the adviser) goddess of the Roman mint, protector of Romes finances
    • Ceres
      • Flowers, fruit, grain
      • Crops & harvests. Festival was the Cerealia (12-19th April)
      •  Daughter Proserpina taken by Pluto to the underworld, she was returned as Jupiter insisted but because she had eaten in the underworld she was bound to spend some time there. Ceres fasted at this time each year & nothing grew creating winter
    • Venus
      • Sea shell
      • Fertility. Greek Aphrodite. Often shown with cupid her son by Mars
    • Minerva
      • Owl, aegis (shield)
      • Born from the head of Jupiter. 
      • Her owl showed her wisdom, the aegis, a goat skin shield with the image of a gorgons head shows she is a goddess of war. 
      • She was important to women & housework as goddess of weaving & handicrafts. She was also goddess of school children
      • Wisdom, art, war, schools, school children & commerce. Greek Athena.
    • Vesta
      • Fire
      • Protector of the state
      • Vestalia {7-15 June}
      • Hearth, vital to the roman family as a source of light, heat and cooking. 
    • Diana
      • Moon, bows,arrows
      • Hunting. Greek Artemis & twin brother Apollo. Linked to the moon as Phoebe. 
      • Shown in hunting gear with animals.
      • Worshiped by the poor & slaves, who sought sanctuary in her temples.


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