Roman Britain - Medicine Through Time

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  • Roman Britain 50BC - 450AD
    • Public Health
      • Public Fountains
      • Aqueducts
      • Public Latrines
      • Public Baths
      • Clean Water
      • FOR EVERYONE!!! And very CHEAP!
    • Causes of Disease
      • Imbalance of your four humours
      • Supernatural
      • Link between dirt and disease
    • Treatment of Disease
      • Worshipping Gods
      • Bleeding, purging, exercising
      • Natural remedies (herbal)
    • Individuals
      • Galen: Using opposites to balance four humours, clinical observation, dissected animals
    • Other
      • During Roman Empire: doctors used to wounds (gladiators),
      • After Roman Empire: Libraries and public baths destroyed, only Christianity survived
    • Training of Doctors
      • Some doctors were trained
      • Anyone could become a doctor


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