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  • Roman Medicine Individuals - Galen
    • Born in Turkey in 130 AD
    • Galen's  Theory of Opposites was based on the Hippocratic Theory of the Four Humours. Most of his work was heavily influenced by Hippocrates.
      • Galen advocated the use of nature when curing patients.His Theory of Opposites followed the belief that the use of opposite treatments to the infliction.
        • For example, cold cucumbers were given to a patient with a hot fever and hot peppers are given to those with colds.
    • Like Hippocrates, Galen's discoveries lasted until the 19th Century.
    • He trained at a famous medical school in Alexandria. He then went on to train practically at a Gladiator school where he encountered broken bones, stab wounds and other major injuiries
    • Developed the Theory of Opposites, and discovered that the brain controls the body.
    • he began studying at 16 and spent 12 years training to improve his medical knowledge.
    • In Galen's time, dissection of human bodies was banned for religious reasons. Due to this, there were many inaccuracies in Galen's work.
      • Galen would often conduct public dissections and experiments on pigs. He proved that the brain controls the body by cutting certain nerves in the pig and listening to it squeal by his command.
        • An example of one of Galen's mistakes is that he thought that the blood was produced by the liver. He also thought the heart had a septum which had holes through which the blood went through.


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