Roman Gods

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    • Jupiter
      • Brother of Neptune and Pluto
      • His wife was Juno
      • Lots of children
      • He was the king of all the Gods
      • Zeus
      • He held thunderbolts which he could hurl from the sky
    • Mars
      • Aries
      • God of war
      • Son of Jupiter and Juno
      • He was the strongest and more fearsome god, except for Jupiter
      • Tall
      • Handsome
      • Mean
      • Self-centred
      • He did not care who won a battle, he just liked bloodshed
    • Neptune
      • Poseidon
      • Brother to Jupiter and Pluto
      • God of the sea
        • Sailors and people who lived near the sea were terrified of Neptune
      • His symbol was the trident
      • Very powerful
      • Good looking
        • Many wives
    • Pluto
      • Hades
      • God of the underworld
        • He was the judge of the dead
      • Brother of Jupiter and Neptune
      • He was also the god of mined materials like gold and silver
        • the physical underworld
      • He had a faithful and deeply loved companion, his three headed dog Cerberus
    • Mercury
      • Hermes
      • Messenger of the Gods
      • Son of Jupiter
      • The wings of his hemet and sandals allowed him to travel quickly to wherever a God might send him
      • He was the God of the travellers and tradesmen
      • Mischievous
    • Vulcan
      • Hephaestus
      • He was the god of fire, volcanoes, blacksmiths, metallurgy and craftsmen
      • His symbols included the hammer, anvil, tongs and fire
    • Apollo
      • Apollo
      • God of sun, music, healing, light and the truth
      • Son of Jupiter
      • He is the twin brother of Diana
      • He moved the sun across the sky
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    • God


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