crime and punisment- Roman Britian

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  • Roman Britain
    • Types of Crime
      • most were against property (petty crimes, selling underweight goods and burglary)
      • against person(street violence and murder)
      • crime against authority (plotting against the emperor or refusing to conform to the official state religion)
    • Punishments
      • punished according to whether they were men, women, citizen or not and slaves
      • types of punishment
        • beating and floggings
        • repaying cost of stolen goods
        • cutting off limbs
        • being sent to exile
        • forced to become a gladiator
        • exection by various methods
          • i.e.. crucifixion, being throw to lions etc.
    • law enforcment
      • roman legions were in charge of dealing with riots ad disorder
      • people reported crime
      • victim had to catch them sand take them to centurion
        • victim had to collect evidence to present to court
      • very serious crimes were tried by the Roman Governor of Britan
        • small crimes were juded by the Roman officals


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