Role of Women in Nazi Germany

Another diagram this one on the Role of Women.

Can be used in all GCSE exams related to Nazi Germany.

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  • Role of Women
    • General Appearance
      • No make up allowed.
      • Dress practically, like a typical housewife not exposing too much.
      • Hair tied back in a plat or a bun, so it's not in the way.
      • Shouldn't be too skinny or too fat. The  weigh was  supposed to be good for baring children
      • Wearing trousers or make up as well as having loose/dyed hair was frowned upon.
    • Rewards
      • Women who were the "perfect housewives" received rewards
      •   Law for the Encouragement of Marriage -  newly married couples received a loan of 1000 marks.
        •  In order to keep the whole loan they would need to have 4 children. 
      • Motherhood Cross- Awarded to women who had a lot of children.
      • Discounts on bills for large famillies.
    • Responsibilities
      • "Kinder, Kirche und Kuche" Meaning "Children, church and cooking"
      • Taking care of children.
      • Looking after the house and cleaning.
      • Cook dinner and feed the family.
      • Unmarried women could go to Lebensborn to have children with pure ** men.
    • Work
      • Women were discouraged to have professional jobs.
      • Intelligent women working as doctors, lawyers and teachers etc, were sacked
      • Only very few women had professional jobs towards the start of WW2 in 1939
      • Expected to only work at home.


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