Role of the Catholic Church

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  • Role of the Catholic Church
    • Popes 1815-46 known as zealous - very anti liberal
    • 1831-32 revolution Papal States
      • defeated by Austria at Popes request. Austrian garrison put in place of the pope. (Papal States military weak)
    • Gioberti - Believed Pope could lead a united Italy
    • Pope Pius IX (1846-70)
      • Initially liberal - reduces censorship -frees prisoners
      • 1848 becomes revolutionary
      • 1848 allocution - does not want to be involved in revolutions or unification
      • Asks for French help to defeat Roman Republic
      • Excommunicates those involved in unification eg. Victor Emmanuel II
      • 1846 - syllabus errors - condemns liberalism and progress
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