Role of Education. Marxists. 

Role of education, marxism. module G673 OCR Socilogy. EDUCATION OPTION. 

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  • Role of Education. Marxists.
    • Althusser.
      • education system ideologically conditions pupils into the norms and values of the ruling class.
        • they are taught to accept the situation as it is capitalism. encourages conformity through hidden curriculum,
          • provides passive, obedient workers for capitalism.
            • teaches a curriculum which does not encourage pupils to challenge the system.
              • not taught to be critical.
                • not taught sociology or politics so not taught to be critical of society we live in.
                  • BUT these subjects can be taken post-16 which raises awareness.
                    • BUT sociology often gets bad press for being a soft subject. arguable that this is to dissuade schools not to teach it.
      • teachers are the agents of capitalism their expectations about behaviour results in working class pupils being put in bottom sets. teachers want to control them.
        • Working class learn to see failure as their fault not the education systems fault which ensures a flow of labour for capitalism.
          • BUT teachers often radical so not providing education suitable capitalism
    • Bowles and Gintis.
      • correspondance theory
        • direct link between school and the workplace.
          • hidden curriculum shapes workforce into acceptance of hierarchy, fragmentation of knowledge etc.
      • schools operate to provide next generation of workers suitable capitalism.
        • low skilled and have the right attitudes. passive obedient and subservient.
        • they have limited ambitions, preparing them for low skilled, low paid temporary casual-indicative of post-fordist economy.
        • some (ruling class) prepared for managerial roles by being put in the tops ets. encouraged to be independent.
      • capitalist societies are NOT meritocratic RULING CLASS get high qualifications and best jobs regardless of their ability.
        • BUT 'myth of meritocracy' surrounds educ,. system. people believe they have equal chance of success BUT THIS IS AN ILLUSION as some WORKING CLASS DO SUCCEED.
          • those who do not do well do not  blame the education system (STRUCTURAL FAILURE) but blame themselves (PERSONALISED FAILURE) this suits the ruling class.
      • the existence of anti-school subcultures shows pupils are not always conformist and do reject the ethos of the schools and have little respect for teachers and the rules.
      • postmodernists argue that today's society requires a very different workforce than that highlighted by B&G and that schools are successful in producing pupils with a diverse range of skills.
        • marxists argue that this is simply inequality.
      • Willis argues many working class children do resist the ideological messages transmitted through the education system but the extent to 'resistance' is effectively open to doubt.
    • Education produces the next generation of workers for capitalism
    • Hidden curriculum transmits norms and values to pupils BUT OF THE RULING CLASS.


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