Sociology Role of Education

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  • Role of Education
    • Functionalist
      • See's education as a way of passing on society's culture
        • role allocation in a meritocratic society
      • Durkheim: schools transmit norms and values of wider society- more likely to conform
      • Parsons: bridge between primary and secondary socialisation
    • Marxist
      • Bowles and Gintis: hidden curriculum ensures w/c kept in their place- subservient workers for capitalism
      • Althusser: ISA- school is used by the r/c to transmit r/c ideology
      • Willis: boys were learning to labour
      • Bourdieu: cultural capital- this gives r/c advantage
      • Education system is used by the r/c to protect their position in society
      • Justifies inequality by making w/c kids feel it is their fault if they do not succeed


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