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    • When the plasma is concentrated (lack of water)
      • More ADH released into blood
      • When it reaches the kidney it causes the collecting duct to become more permeable
      • Results in more water being kept in the body
        • Very concentrated urine
    • When the plasma is dilute (a lot of water)
      • Less ADH released into blood
      • Less reaching kidney it causes the collecting duct to become impermeable
      • Results in more water leaving the body
        • More dilute urine
    • Concentration of our urine is controlled by a hormone ADH (anti diuretic hormone)
      • ADH is produced in the pituitary gland (situated just below the brain)
        • Pituitary gland monitors the concentration of the blood plasma
          • Releases ADH into the bloodstream, which travels in the blood
    • ADH
    • Urine
      • Made up of water, urea and salts


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