Ag Role of Women

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  • role and portrayal of WOMEN
    • "That woman" (the watchman)
      • BAD -woman, GOOD -masculine imagery
        • "Spoken like a man my lady" (Leader)
        • "Just like a woman" (Chorus)
    • "The ox is on my tongue" (the watchman)
      • Ox is a very masculine reference for a woman
        • shows she is powerful, threatening and demanding just like a man
      • Women are cheaters and Kings are good fighting at war
        • OR  Aeschylus feminist? WOMEN -clever + got away with it, MEN- stupid and blind
    • "Memory womb of Fury child-avenging Fury" (The chorus)
        • Cly didn't get a say in Iphigenia death
    • "And you have proof?" (Leader)
        • "Rumors voiced by women come to nothing" (Chorus)
          • MORAL TEACHING
    • "Welcome home my lord, my good lord" (Clyt)
    • "bride of spears"
      • WOMEN: DANGEROUS (Helen)
    • Cassandra as spearprize -women  treated as property
      • Not shown affection; Ag doesn't address Cly for ages -even after 10 years!!
    • "I love the man" (Cly)
      • INTELLIGENT, makes Ag believes she is talking about him
    • "Apollo, my destroyer" (Cassandra)
      • Women treated as sex objects
        • Cassandra punished because she didn't sleep with Apollo
    • "the death-blow deep" (Ag)
        • Usually kill by poison
    • "Words endless words ive said" (Cly)
      • Women, hypocites
        • She claims Ag doesn't love her, but she cheats and kills
    • Masculine, threatening, powerful, no consideration,property, gullible  dangerous, clever, sex objects, hypocrites
  • He believes Cly is not worthy of her title as Queen.
    • "That woman" (the watchman)
      • BAD -woman, GOOD -masculine imagery
        • "Spoken like a man my lady" (Leader)
        • "Just like a woman" (Chorus)


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