Role of the Media

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  • Role of the Media
    • Marxist
      • Ralph Miliband - Distortion/Deception/Drug
        • Media is the "opium of the people"
        • Acts as a hallucinatory drug which creates illusions and produces a sense of wellbeing
        • This encourages the working class to accept a system which exploits them
      • Marcuse - Distraction
        • Programmes which simply entertain help to remove any doubts that people may have about the organisation of society
        • They divert the attention from the unfair nature of society, to give the impression that nothing is wrong with the world we live in
        • "One-dimensional thought"
      • Antonio Gramsci - hegemony (1968)
        • Much more effective than force in controlling a proletariat that has the potential to be very disruptive
    • Pluralist
      • Inform and educate
        • Journalists provide an essential service in a democratic society, in that they offer the information that people need to participate in political and cultural life
      • Checking function
        • It monitors the political process in order to ensure that politicians do not abuse the democratic processes
        • Important in exposing the wrong-doing of the powerful in society
      • Counter-balance function
        • Balance out the information provided by government
        • by providing the electorate with alternative information from a diverse range of other sources
    • Postmodern
      • Media saturation (increased contact)
      • Media Culture (Multiple truths or realities)
      • Diversity and Choice
      • Blurred boundaries
      • Identities


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