Role of the father

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  • The role of the father
    • Father traditionally seen as playing minor role
      • Patriarchal society in the past; men at work, women at home
      • Only 9% of single parents are men
    • Bowlby believed children had one primary attachment figure, usually the mother
      • Father seen as more a playmate than a caregiver
    • Mothers perceived to show more sensitive responsiveness
      • Recognising and responding to infants' needs
    • Degree of sensitivity
      • More secure attachments when fathers are more sensitive to child's needs
    • Attachment with own parents
      • Tend to form similar attachments with own children that they had with own parents
    • Marital intimacy
      • How much intimacy exists in the relationship with partner
    • Supportive co-parenting
      • Amount of support father receives in nurturing children
    • Evaluation
      • Supportive fathers give mothers time to relax from childcare, reduces stress and improves self-esteem
        • Effectively improves quality of relationship
      • Still remains a difference in society although mothers and fathers are not seen to be different in this theory
      • Children with secure attachments with fathers have more stable relationships with peers and less behavioural problems
      • Children without stable paternal relationships do less well at school and are more aggressive
    • Geiger (1996) Fathers' play interactions are more exciting than mothers'
      • Supports idea of father as playmate, mother more nurturing


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