Role of Education: Functionalism

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  • Role of Education: Functionalism
    • Functionalist Belief
      • A system of interconnected parts held together by a shared culture or value consensus
      • Each part of society performs functions that help to maintain society as a whole
      • Education: Seek to discover what functions it performs to benefit society
      • A consensus approach
    • Durkheim
      • Solidarity
        • The education system transmits society's culture from one generation to the next
          • Rules that apply to everyone that are then carried through to the workplace and community
        • Completed through the curriculm
          • History provides a sense of shared heritage
          • Living in Modern Britain encourages the values of tolerance and acceptance of others
      • Specialist Skills
        • The production of a small item involves the cooperation of many
          • This cooperation promotes social solidarity
        • Education teaches individuals the specialist knowledge and skills needed to play their part in the social division of labour
    • Parsons
      • School is a 'focul socialising agency'
      • A bridge between the family and modern society
      • School and society are meritocratic
        • Everyone is given an equal opportunity
        • Individuals achieve through their own effort and ability
        • Blau and Duncan
          • Human Capital
    • Davis and Moore
      • Schools perform the function of selecting and allocating pupils to their future work roles
      • By assessing individuals schools match students to best suited roles
      • Inequality is neccessary
        • Most important roles in society are filled by the most talented people
          • Creates competition
    • Evaluation
      • The idea of meritocracy assumes that everyone has an equal opportune chance of success
        • Cultural and material deprivation and internal factors
      • The way education is experienced differs greatly e.g. gender differences
      • Wong
        • Over-socialised view of people as mere puppets
        • Wrongly imply that pupils passively accept all they are told and never reject school values
      • New Right: State education fails to prepare young people adequatley for work. Discourages efficiency, competition and choice
      • Marxists: education in capitalist society only transmits the ideology of the minority
      • Tumin
        • D&M have a circular argument high salary jobs only attract a high salary because they are important


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