Role of education

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  • Role of education
    • Functionalist
      • Durkhiem argues that society needs a sense of solidarty which allows social life and cooperation to happen
        • Schools are miniture societies which allows us to learn how to cooperatate with others when we go into wider society
      • Parsons argues that schools act as a bridge bewtween family and society so that children can learn how to be held to univerlistic standeds
    • New Right
      • Chubb and Moore argue that marketisation is needed to improve education as it will give parents more choice
      • New right believe that the governement should impose a framework to have schools compete and impose a national curriculam
    • Marxist
      • Education reproduces class inequalities by transmiting it from generation to generation
      • Education lefgitimises class inequalities by producing ideologies to keep workers under the ruling class


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