Rodolfo - A View From The Bridge

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  • Rodolfo
    • Loves America & wants to be a citizen
      • Rodolpho: I want to be an American. And then I want to go back to Italy when I am rich
      • Rodolpho: This will be the first house I ever walked into in America! Imagine!
    • Has 'feminine' qualities, uncommon for a man in the 50's (Which, according to Eddie ''ain't right''
      • Eddie: It’s wonderful. He sings, he cooks, he could make dresses . . .
      • Eddie: I mean like me – I can’t cook, I can’t sing, I can’t make dresses, so I'm on the water front. But if I could ..., I wouldn't be on the water front. I would be some-place else. I would be like in a dress store.
      • Eddie Come on, show me! What’re you gonna be? Show me! Rodolpho (with tears of rage) Don’t say that to me! Rodolpho flies at him in attack. Eddie pins his arms, laugh ing, and suddenly kisses him.
      • Eddie: he ain’t right
      • Eddie:He’s a blond guy. Like . . . platinum. You know what. I mean?   Alfieri :No. Eddie: I mean if you close the paper fast – you could blow him over.
      • Eddie: I mean if you came in the house and you didn’t know who was singin’, you wouldn’t be lookin’ for him you be lookin’ for her.
        • Eddie (but quite possibly also Arthur Miller himsel) believes that if a man does activities that women traditionally do, he is 'not right'. 'right' being a what Eddie/Miller believes to be a 'real man', We as readers know that Miller is suggesting Eddie thinks Rodolpho is a homosexual, but this is simply because the word its self is never mentioned, whcih it wouldnt have been in the 50's, steryotypes play a big part in this play and this is one clear example that Eddie and the readers make about Rodolpho based on his interests


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