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  • Rodolfo
    • What does Rodolfo do in the play?
      • Rodolfo makes an immediate and positive impact
      • He is very talented, he cooks, sings and makes clothes.
      • Catherine falls in love with him quickly and in return his love for her is genuine and powerfu
      • Eddie dislikes Rodolfo because he knows he will take Catherine away from him
      • Towards the end, Rodolfo is aware of the battle between Eddie and Marco
      • He tries to keep the peace by apologising to Eddie even though he does not need to say sorry.
    • How is Rodlofo's character revealed?
      • "Oh, i sing Napolidan, jazz, but canto- i sing , paper doll"
        • We are given a flavour of Rodolfo's talents
      • Catherine:         " teach me, (she is weeping) I don't know anything Rodolfo, hold me"
        • Rodolfo is capeable of inspiring trust and love. He is an open, warm hearted character.
      • "I would like to go to broadway once, Eddie. I would like to walk with her once where theatres are and the opera"
        • Rodolfo shows his sense of wonder and adventure. He wants new experiences.
      • "It is my fault, Eddie. Everything. I wish to apologise. It was wrong that i did not ask your permission"
        • Rodolfo , the peacemaker is prepared to accept responsibility for a situation that is not of his making. He will go to great lengths to prevent the aproaching tragedy
    • Examiner's Tip
      • Attractive character
      • Irrepresible and this quality has good effect on people.
      • Catherine has never met such a talented, young, responsible man, against the backdrop of the ordinary men she usually meets.


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