Rocks Resources and Scenery

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  • Rocks, Resources and Scenery
    • Types of Rock
      • SEDIMENTARY: formed by compacted sediment
      • IGNEOUS: formed by cooled magma (can be intrusive or extrusive)
      • METAMORPHIC: formed by heat and pressure
    • Weathering
      • Meachanical
        • Freeze-thaw
        • Exfoliation
      • Chemical
        • Solution
        • Carbonation
      • Biological (plants and animals)
    • Rocks and Landscapes
      • Granite landscapes have tors and moorland
        • used for: stone; tourism; farming; and water
      • Chalk and clay landscapes have escarpments and vales
        • used for: cement; tourism; farming; and water
      • Carboniferous limestone forms surface and underground features
        • used for: stone; cement; tourism; and farming
    • Quarrying  has advantages and disadvantages


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