Rocks and their formation

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  • Rocks and their formation
    • Igneous rocks
      • E.g. Granite
      • are formed by the solidification of magma/lava.
      • are made of crystals whose size depends on the rate of cooling.
        • The quicker it slows down the smaller the crystals. (The slowest always wins).
    • Sedimentary rocks
      • E.g. chalk and limestone
      • are formed when layers of sediment are compacted over a long time by being buried under more layers.
      • erode more easily than igneous and metamorphic rocks.
      • are made of rounded grains and may contain fossils.
    • Metamorphic rocks
      • E.g. marble
      • They are formed by the action of heat and/or pressure
        • including the formation of marble from chalk or limestone
    • Limestone, chalk and marble exists in the Earth's crust and they are all natural forms of calcium carbonate.
    • song about types of rocks


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