The Rock Cycle

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  • Rock Cycle
    • Rivers can cause erosion in rocks and in boulders.
      • There are many different parts to the rock cycle(diagram on revision notes)
    • Sedimentary
    • Igneous
      • E.G. Basalt and Granite
    • Metamorphic
      • E.G. Slate and marble
    • Rocks do not stay the same forever, they will change!
      • Rocks can become smooth and rounded; Erosion
      • Erosion: this will have an effect on the way that rocks change.
        • Erosion can have many effects on different parts of the environment.
          • The rivers can erode river banks for an example of erosion
          • Stones are often moved around at the bottom of rivers, causing them to become smooth and round, this is erosion under the water


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