2.2 Robust Programming

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  • Robust Programming
    • Input Sanitation
      • Cleaning up unnecessary characters from the user’s input to make it user friendly.
    • Input Validation
      • Checks if the data entered is what the program reuires;.
      • Types:
        • Data Type check
        • Range Check
        • Presence check
        • Format Check
        • Length Check
    • Input Verification
      • ensure that the data entered exactly matches the original source.
    • Iterative Testing
      • Performed during software development
    • Terminal Testing
      • Performed when the program is considered to be complete.
    • Syntax Errors
      • Occurs whene there is  a spelling mistake or grammar mistake.
    • Logic Errors
      • Logic errors occur when there is a fault in the logic or structure of the problem.
    • Rules for maintainable code
      • Spaces between sections - easier to read.
      • Comments have been added to show what each part does.
      • Easy to understand variable names
      • Indentations - easier to find loops


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