Robert Sobukwe

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  • Robert Sobukwe
    • Joined the AND youth league in 1948.
    • Because the ANC Editor in 1957 of their paper 'The Africanist'.
    • He left the ANC and formed the PAC in 1959 (also becoming president of the party).
    • he left the ANC because he din't want them to work with 'non-Africans'.
    • He enocouraged blacks to 'liberate themselves' and didn't want to work with blacks.
    • He deliberatly broke the pass laws at Sharpeville and Soweto to get arrested.
    • He was imprisoned at Robben island and under the Sobukwe clause' the government dreserved the right to renew his detainment every year.
    • Once released form prison he lived in Kimberly under house arrest and lived under a banning order.


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