Robert Frost

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  • Robert Frost(1974-1963)
    • personal life
      • Born March 26, 1874 San Francisco
        • moved to new england
          • became interested in writing and poetry in high school years
            • first professional poem 'my butterfly' published 08/11/1894 in the new York newspaper
      • enrolled at Dartmouth collage 1892 and later harvard
        • never earned a formal degree
          • worked as a teacher, cobbler and editor of the Lawrence sentinel
      • 1895- married to Elinor Miriam White
        • became a huge inspiration for his poerty
          • she died 1938
      • died in Boston January 29th 1963
    • the couple moved to England 1912
      • met and was inspired by contempt poets Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke & Robert Graves
        • by the time he returned to the us 1915, published 2 full-length collections 'a boys will' and 'north of Boston'
    • 19-20ies most celebrated american poetr
      • books included new Hampshire-1923 a further range- 1936 steeple bush-1947 and in the cleaning-1962
        • dark meditations on universal themes
          • work is infused with layers of ambiguity and irony


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