Maudie Atkinson

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  • Maudie Atkinson
    • Strong
      • after the fire she said "Always wanted a smaller house, Jem Finch. Gives me more yard'
        • bounces back
        • doesn't let things get to her
        • sees the good in things and peopel
      • "[Foot-washers] told me me and my flowers were going hell" - M
        • says the story with hunour
        • doesn't take it to heart
    • Not what society wants
      • "fragrant ladies rocked slowly, fanned gently and drank cool water"
        • what society in Maycomb expect from "ladies"
      • "chameleon lady"
        • can adapt to her surroundings
        • is not what people expect
    • Respectful
      • "she had never told on us, had never played cat-and-mouse with us, she was not at all interested in our private lives"
        • treats children the same as adults
        • like Atticus
        • contrast to Miss Stephanie's prying nature
      • "She [Maudie] was our friend
        • liked and respected by the children
        • approachable
      • "Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy . . . That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird."
        • shouldn't hurt something or someone that only tries to help
        • don't hurt the innocent
        • foreshadows the treatment of Boo


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