Robert Peel

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  • Robert Peel
    • Prime minister/ effective politician
      • from 1834-1835 and in 1841-1846
      • well known for changing criminal law by reforming prisons and setting up the metropolitan police
      • well informed and open to new ideas
      • good at seeing bills through parliament
      • made the most of his roles as prime minister and home secretary to implement his ideas.
    • Goals Act of 1823 was introduced
      • Prisoners to receive regular visits from chaplains
      • Gaolers had to be paid
        • had little effect because there were no paid inspectors to make sure they were being done
      • Female prisoners to be watched over by female wardens
      • Prisoners could not be held in chains or irons.
    • The Met Police 1826
      • there was an economic downturn which resulted in more crime.
        • Peel thought there should be a more effective system
      • had to investigate crime and catch crime in the act
        • the night watch only had to catch crime in the act
          • not as well structured as the Met Police
          • had to do other duties e.g. street cleaning
      • poorly perceived - public thought that they would limit their liberties and worried that there would be a military style on the street
        • Peel tried to stop opinions like these forming by making the police recruits act like any other citizen
    • Criticisms of the Police force
      • accused of being drunk on duty
      • limit individual liberties
      • increased costs imposed on tax payers
      • greedy
      • violent
      • poorly trained
      • immoral tendencies


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