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  • Robbery
    • Definition
      • a person is guilty of robbery if he steals, and immediately before or at the time of doing so, and in order to do so, he uses force on any person or puts or seeks to put any person in fear of being then and there subjected to force
    • Actus Reus
      • Steals
        • This element requires all elements of theft are present.
        • R v Robinson
        • R v Corcoran and Anderton
      • Immediately before or at time of stealing
        • R v Hale
        • R v Lockley
        • However
          • R v Vinall
        • offence of theft complete as soon as appropriation has taken place
          • Strict interpretations of statute may cause someone to use force after appropriation in order to escape being outside the offence.
            • So the courts see appropriation as more of a continuing act within robbery
      • Force or threat of Force
        • R v Dawson and James
        • No requirement for force to be directly applied
          • R v Clouden
        • Section 8 requires that the force or threat of force be in order to steal.
        • Required level of force needed is for jury to decide, they are given no guidance as to what force is.
    • Mens Rea
      • Exactly the same as theft
        • Dishonesty
        • Intention to permanently Deprive
    • Maximum sentence is life
  • Found in section 8 of 1968 Theft act


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