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  • Robbery
    • s8- Theft Act 1968- A person is guilty if he steals
      • immediately before or at the time of doing so
      • in order to do so
      • forces on any person
      • puts or seeks to put someone on fear of being there and then subjected to force
      • Force must be in m order to steal
      • D must intend to use force to steal
      • NO theft NO Robbery
      • Force can be minimal, no need for injury - up to jury
    • Lapier- D pulled ear ring from someones ear, forced robbery not just theft
    • Dawson and James - 1 of the Ds pushed victim causing him to loose balance, other D took wallet - robbery - CA force ordinary word - up to jury to decide
    • Hale - 2 D knocked on door - opened door - forced way in - 1 D hand over mouth, 1 upstairs found jewellery box tied up house holder - up to jury


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