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    • INTRO:        S8 Theft Act 1968, 'Beyond all reasonable doubt' (Woolmington)
      • Unlawful Act
        • Act (Hill v Baxter) or Omission (Pittwood)
          • Identify Positive Act (Corcoran v Anderton)
            • Theft with FORCE APPLIED (R v Dawson & James)
    • MENS REA
      • Guilty Mind
        • Intention (Woolin) or Recklessness (Cunningham)
          • Recklessness easier for CPS to prove
            • Intention to permanently deprive (Ghosh)
              • Dishonesty/ Reasonable man
    • CONC: Sentence by Crown Court, Maximum sentence of LIFE imprisonment
    • R v Ghosh
      • Surgeon claiming money fro surgeries he didn't do
        • 1. D's behaviour must be regarded as dishonest by reasonable and honest people.
        • 2. D must appreciate that there behaviour would be regarded as dishonest by reasonable and honest people.
    • Corcoran v Anderton
      • DD hit v across back/pulled handbag, V screamed/ dropped bag, DD ran off without the bag
        • Guilty= Appropriation occurred, Assumed rights so theft was complete
    • R v Dawson & James
      • DD nudged V in back so lost balance, took wallet.
        • Guilty of robbery


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