Road to WW2 brief

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  • Road to WW2
    • Hitler's aims
      • Overturn TOV
      • Unite all German speakers
      • Lebensraum in East
        • Hated communism
    • Re-armament
      • Hitler withdrew from disarmament conference in 1933
        • France didn't want to disarm - scared of Germany
      • Anglo-German navel agreement was signed in 1935
        • 1/3 - still v. big
      • Non-aggression pact with Poland for 10 yrs was signed in 1934
        • Poland = :D Britain = :D (saw as proof Hitler was peaceful).
      • Conscription 1935
        • Against TOV - no.'s grew from 10,000 to 1 mil.
    • Saar
      • Plebiscite: people voted 90% to return to being German
        • Rich in coal - good economically
    • Rhineland
      • Marched unarmed troops in
        • Against TOV
        • Own back garden
        • Orders to retreat if stopped by B or F but busy with Abyssinian crisis
    • Anschluss
      • The joining of Germany and Austria
        • Schuschnigg didn't want. Hitler forced him to resign (threatened to invade) and Seyss-Inquart invited Germans into Austria.
        • Plebiscite held - people intimidated into voting
          • Results were fixed too
          • 80,000 arrested for opposing
      • Against TOV
      • Met 3 aims and was born there
    • Sudetenland
      • 1. Hitler began rumours that the Sudeten Germans were being mistreated.
      • 2. Hitler was given the German speaking sections at Berchtesgaden
      • 3. Then demanded the whole area. He was eventually given it at Munich
      • Useful to Hitler
        • String defences
        • Military bases
        • Skoda car factory
    • Appeasement
      • Chamberlain's policy of giving to avoid war
        • Britain needed time to rearm
        • More afraid of communist Russia than Nazi Germany
    • Czechoslova.
      • After Sudetenland, other parts demanded freedom - Hacha couldn't keep control so invited Nazi's in to do so.
      • Chamberlain realised Hitler gone back against his word - promised to act if Poland was invaded
        • Hitler promised not to invade any more land after he was given the Sudetenland
    • Nazi-Soviet pact
      • Germany
        • Avoided a war on 2 fronts
        • Removed an ally from B and F
      • USSR
        • Gained time to prepare for war
          • Germany
            • Avoided a war on 2 fronts
            • Removed an ally from B and F
        • If he was against Germany, there was sure to be a war, but not certain if he allied with Germany
      • Invasion of Poland
        • September 1st - v. quickly overran the pPolosh people
      • Openly it stated to help each other in the even of war, but secretly it stated to split Poland in half
        • Rest of world v. surprised
          • Hitler hated communism
          • Hilter's lebensraum was at the cost of the USSR


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