Drainage Basin

Very brief to the point Drainage Basin terms

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  • Hydrological Cycle
    • Drainage basin
      • Inputs
        • Precipitation
          • Drip - Water falls to the ground from leaves
          • Stemflow - Water runs down branches
          • Throughfall - Water passes through spaces between vegetation
          • Surface Runoff - Flows overland to river
          • Infiltration - water absorbed into ground
          • Throughflow - W moves through soil to river
          • Percolation - Water moves from sol to rock layer
          • Groundwater flow - water moves through rock layers to river
        • Energy from the sun - causes snow and ice to melt
      • Stores
        • Ground water: Ares underground can store water
        • Surface water: Lakes, reservoirs, ice and rivers
        • Within soil
        • On vegetation: Interception
      • Outputs
        • Evapotranspiration
        • Draining into the sea or large lake
        • Percolating into a large store


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