Geography river notes

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  • Rivers
    • Types of erosion
      • Hydraulic action
      • Corrosion
      • Attrition
      • Solution
    • Types of transporation
      • Solution
      • Suspension
      • Saltation
      • Traction
    • Meandering
      • Water is faster on the outside ben as the channel is deeper (less friction)
      • Erosion occurs on the outside bends and forms river cliffs
      • Deposition occurs on the inside bend and form slip off slopes
    • Ox-bow lake formation
      • 1) In a straight channel the zone of maximum flow (thalweg) will meander from side to side
      • 2) Where it meets the bank lateral erosion occurs.
        • Due to hydraulic action and corrosion
      • 4) Deposition takes place in the slower flowing water (form slip off slope)
      • 5) When meandering becomes exaggerated a swan's neck meander is formed.
      • 6) Later erosion continues to erode the narrow ***** of land between the two river cliffs
      • 7) During a flood this land gets cut through by lateral erosion
      • 8) The river takes the shortest route to flow in a straight-line.
      • 9) Deposistion occurs along the side and blocks of the old meander
    • Levees
      • Natural embankments along the edge of a river channel
      • During a flood, material is deposited on the flood plain
    • Hyrdographs
      • Peak rainfall; The highest amount of rainfall on a hydrograph
      • Discharge; The amount of water at a given point in a river
      • Lag time; Time between peak rainfall and peak discharge.
    • Hard engineering
      • Sea wall
      • Rock armour
      • Groynes
    • Soft engineering
      • Beach nourishment
      • Beach reprofiling
      • Beach recyling
      • Managed retreat
    • Drainage basin
      • The scource
      • A channel
      • The mouth
      • Watershed
      • Tributaries
      • Confluence
    • The Hydrological Cycle
      • Evaporation
      • Transpiration
      • Precipitation
      • Interception
      • Infiltration
      • Groundwater


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