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  • TED
    • Transport
      • Solution - Minerals dissolved in the water
      • Suspension - Sediment that floats within the river flow
      • Saltation - Bouncing smaller particles along the bed
      • Traction - Rolling large stones along the river bed
    • Erosion
      • Abrasion - The material carried by the river wears away the bed and banks.
      • Attrition - The particles carried by the river are bashed against one another, making them smaller and rounder
      • Corrosion/ Solution - particles are dissovled
      • Hydraulic action - The power of the water forces air into gaps in the banks and weakens them so they collapse
    • Depostion
      • When the velocity of a river falls, it has less ability/energy to carry its load. The river then starts to drop the material, starting with the largest particle.
        • reasons
          • The rivers enter the sea or lake
          • There is less water entering the river
          • There is more sediment in the river


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