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  • Rivers
    • The Water Cycle/ Hydrological Cycle
      • Evaporation
        • water is transformed from seawater into water vapour in the atmosphere
      • Condensation
        • water cahnging from gas to liquid
      • Precipitation
        • water vapour condenses into drizzle, rain, sleet, snow and hail and this falls towards the surface of the land
      • Interception
        • water collected by vegetation
      • Stem Flow
        • water flowing down the trunks and stems of plants and trees
      • Surface Runoff
        • water moves across the surface of the earth, becoming a stream, tributary or river
      • Infiltration
        • water soaks (filters) into  the soil
      • Through Flow
        • water moves downhill through the soil
      • Soil Moisture
        • water stored in the soil
      • Percolation
        • water moves from the soil and into the rocks deep underground
      • Groundwater
        • water stored in the rocks deep underground
      • Groundwater Flow
        • water moves slowly through the soil and rocks back into the sea
      • Main Channel
        • water flowing to lakes or oceans
      • Transpiration
        • water vapour is lost from vegetation into the atmosphere
      • Surface Storage
        • water lies in lakes
      • Inputs
        • inputs are when water is introduced or put into the system
          • Precipitation is an input
      • Stores
        • stores occur when water is kept within the system and not moved through it
          • Interception (from vegetation), Soil Moisture, Groundwater and Surface Storage are stores
      • Transfers
        • transfers are processes or flows within the system, where water is moved from one place to another
          • Surface Storage, Infiltration, Through Flow, Percolation, Condensation, Groundwater Flow, Stem Flow and Evaporation
      • Outputs
        • outputs occur in the river system when the water Is carried through the river and back into the sea
          • Transpiration, River Discharge and Main Channel are outputs
    • The River Basin
      • Drainage Basin
        • The area of land drained by a river and its tributaries
      • Source
        • The starting point of the river generally at the top of the hill
      • Watershed
        • The boundary of highland separating one drainage basin from another
      • Tributary
        • A small river that joins a main river
      • Confluence
        • The point where two rivers meet
      • River Channel
        • The main body of water, flowing downhill
      • Mouth
        • The place where the river flows into the sea or a lake


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