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  • River processes
    • Long profile
      • Depth
        • How shallow or deep a river is.
      • Width
        • How narrow or wide a river is.
      • Load
        • The material that the river is carrying.
      • Discharge
        • The amount of water that passes a particular point and time in a river
      • Gradient
        • the slope of the river profile.
    • Erosion
      • The wearing away of rock & soil found along the river bed & banks
      • Hydraulic Action - water pounds into river bed & banks & dislodges material.
      • Abrasion - Force of moving water throws the stones the river is carrying and dislodges more.
      • Attrition - when stones that are being carried downstream knock against each other and wear down.
      • Solution - when weak acid in the water reacts with rock and dissolves soluble minerals.
    • Transportation
      • Solution - Minerals are dissolved in the water & carried along in solution.
      • Suspension - Fine light material is carried along in the water.
      • Saltation - Small pebbles and stones are bounced along the river bed.
      • Traction - Large boulders & rocks are rolled along the river bed.
    • The Drainage Basin
      • Source - Starting point of a river, at the top of a hill
      • Confluence - the point where two rivers meet.
      • Water shed - the boundary separating one drainage basin from another.
      • River Channel - main body of water flowing downhill.
      • Mouth - the place where the river flows into the sea.
      • Tributary - Small river or stream that joins a bigger river.
      • Drainage basin - the area of land drained by a river and its tributaries


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