Rivers definitions

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  • Rivers
    • Inputs
      • Precipitation
        • water vapor condenses into drizzle, rain, sleet, snow & hail. this falls to the land.
    • Transfers
      • Surface Runoff
        • when water moves across the surface of the earth, becoming a stream, tributary or river.
      • Infiltration
        • Water soaks/filters through soil
      • Throughflow
        • water moving downhill through soil
      • Percolation
        • water moves from soil to rocks deep underground
      • Groundwater Flow
        • water moves slowly through soil & rocks to go back into the sea
      • Stem Flow
        • when water goes down the trunks of trees/stems of plants.
      • Condensation
        • water state changes from a gas to a liquid
      • Evaporation
        • water is transformed from sea water to water vapor in the atmosphere
    • Stores
      • Soil Moisture
        • water stored in soil
      • Groundwater
        • water stored in porous rocks underground
      • Surface Storage
        • intercepted water by impermeable surfaces. eg. concrete
      • Interception
    • Outputs
      • River Discharge / Main Channel
        • water flowing to lakes/oceans


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