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  • Rivers
    • River Flooding - BOSCASTLE
      • Causes
        • Heavy rainfall in short period of time with quick surface run-off
        • Steep sided channel
        • Lack of vegetation or woodland
      • Effects
        • Roads closed
        • Tourism seriously affected
        • Mud and debris left in town
        • Buildings destroted
        • Bridges washed away
        • Stress for locals
        • Car parks flooded
        • Low bridges washed away
      • Management
        • Soft-engineering options
          • Afforestation
            • Relatively low cost option
            • Trees are planted near to the river. This means greater interception of rainwater and lower river discharge
          • Managed flooding
            • The river is allowed to flood naturally in places, to prevent flooding in other areas - for example, near settlements.
          • Planning
            • Local authorities and the national government introduce policies to control urban development close to or on the floodplain
            • There can be resistance to development restrictions in areas where there is a shortage of housing. Enforcing planning regulations and controls may be harder in LEDCs
        • Hard-engineering options
          • Dam construction
            • Water held back and released in a controlled way
            • Can be very expensive
            • Sediment can get trapped behind the dam leading to erosion downstream
            • Water is usually stored behind the dam in a reservoir, this water can then be used to generate hydroelectric power or for recreation purposes.
          • River engineering
            • It may be widened or deepened allowing it to carry more water
            • River channels may be straightened so that water can travel faster along the course
            • The channel course can be altered, diverting floodwaters away from settlements
    • Meanders


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