River Landforms

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  • River Landforms
    • By Erosion
      • Potholes: Small circular hollows in the river bed.
      • Meanders: Large sweeping curves in river's middle and lower course.
      • Waterfalls: Sudden fall of water where there is a rapid change of gradient in the river course.
      • Rapids: A bit like mini waterfalls.
      • Oxbow Lakes: Isolated loop from developed meander.
    • By Deposition
      • Braiding: Several subdivided channels created by deposition blockage.
      • Deltas: Deposited sediment at the mouth of the river - Creating different distributaries.
        • Bird's Foot: Narrow lines of sediment creating a fan shape.
        • Cuspate: Sediments evenly spread-Arrow shaped.
        • Arcuate: Rounded in a convex shape.
        • Estuarine: Sediment fills up bay up to headland.
      • Levees: Naturally raised embankments created when river overflows.


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