River Flooding and Carlise/Phillipines Case Study

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  • River Flooding
    • Carlise Flood Defences
      • Raise flood defences so create a large flood plain with lots of storage. Environmentally acceptable with opportunities for environment enhancement
      • Additional Finance Measures
        • £1.5 million government grant
          • £50000 for energy efficiency grants and £15000 for energy efficiency grants
          • 25% council tax discount for flood effected residents.
          • £325000 for uninsured vulnerable properties
    • Phillipines 2008
      • Factors
        • Physical: heavy rain from typhoon and land was already saturated as it was typhoon season
        • Human: not enough warning from government, flash flooding as drains could not cope. Deforestation contributed to run off.
      • Responses
        • Immediate priority on search and rescue, Red Cross, Coast guard and 1000 army men helped. Social networking helped identify
        • Clear up took many weeks, major work to rebuild homes, farmers needed long term support, International aid from UN
      • Effects
        • Economic: £100 million cost and loss of £% rice production
        • Social: 250 killed, 6000 homes cut off, water supplies cut off, mental distress
        • Environment: 100,000l oil leaked from Paper Factory and Marinana City
    • Carlise Flooding 2005
      • Long Term
        • Houses sustainably rebuilt after long drying period
        • Repair bills of £250 million
        • Families without insurance found homes were uninsurable and worth much less.
        • In July 2007, families still waiting to move back in
        • 150 businesses forced to relocate/shut down
      • Short term
        • Hospitals, schools and police station cut off from impassible roads
        • 500 premises flooded from 175mm rain in 36 hours
        • 120 flood related injuries, 3 dead
    • Occurs when channel can no longer accommodate the amount of water during periods of heavy rainfall, leading to water over topping banks.
      • Floodplains give fertile ground which are excellent growing places but the cost of damage to infrastructure and lives is high.,
    • Flood Protection
      • Sand bags (but may become contaminated)
      • Use of ceramic tiles and plastic window frames
      • Plastic covers to seal air bricks to stop water coming into the property which can make it very damp
      • For Control: disruption and cost of moving people is far greater than simply building defences
      • Against Control: can mean places are worse effected, increase in verticle erosion, destroys large areas of wetland.


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