River Management Strategies (Hard Engineering)

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  • River Management Strategies (Hard Engineering)
    • Enlargement
      • bigger channel therefore room for more water so less likely to flood
      • less flooding
      • damages habitats
      • increases velocity
      • needs to be maintained
      • expensive
    • Bridge Widening
      • prevents debris getting stuck which causes the dam to flood
      • expensive
      • ugly
    • River Straightening
      • moves water away quickly
      • easier for development next to river
      • increases velocity downstream
      • no where for fishes to lay eggs in shallow bends of the river where the water is slow which is removed
    • Levees
      • water cannot spread even when it is flooding
      • not much impact on river
      • water cannot drain back into river or away if levees have overflowed
        • if waters gets over, it will be very fast & destructive
    • Dams
      • creates recreation area
      • generate HEP
      • water flow is managed
      • huge impact on natural river
      • expensive
      • ugly
      • takes up lots of space
    • Storage Areas
      • water pumped out of the main channel & stored
      • decreases volume of water
      • takes up lots of space


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